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Wrocław Christmas Market 2023

The Christmas Market of Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful and charming Christmas markets in Europe. It takes place every year in the Market Square, the Salt Square and the adjacent streets, offering a wide selection of regional products, handicrafts, decorations and gifts. Among the attractions there are the beer bath, the ice rink, the carousel and the Christmas pyramid. In 2023 the market lasted from November 24 to January 7, 2024, enjoying a great success among both residents and tourists.

Home of the gnomes

Between history and tradition

The tradition of Christmas markets dates back to the Middle Ages and has its origins in Germany, Austria and Alsace. The first markets were called St. Nicholas’ market and were organized on the occasion of his feast, on December 6. After the Lutheran reformation of 1517, which rejected the cult of saints, the markets took the name of Christkindlmarkt, that is, the market of the Baby Jesus. The oldest documented Christmas market is that of Dresden, which took place in 1434. Over time this tradition spread throughout Europe and the world, becoming an important element of culture and tourism.

The Christmas Market of Wroclaw is inspired by this tradition, but also has its own character and charm. Its history dates back to 1993, when for the first time a market was organized in the Market Square. Since then the market has grown and expanded, becoming one of the largest and most famous in Poland. Its offer is varied and colorful, and the atmosphere is warm and cheerful. At the market you can find not only typical Christmas products, such as balls, candles, angels and cribs, but also many gastronomic specialties, such as gingerbread, cheeses, mulled wine and beer. The market is also a place of meetings, concerts, workshops and shows, that make everyone feel the magic of Christmas.

Below are the photos of this year’s edition, which show its beauty and its climate.